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Many years of experience

Since its creation, a team of engineers and technicians with experience in the field of cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging has been at the forefront of the company’s development.

Since then, several employees have also joined the group to form a team of experts with strong technical know-how.

Today, the company offers a complete service, from the understanding of your needs to a complete on-site installation, by mastering each of the stages in the realisation of your projects.

Innovation, research and development

The engineering and design departments strive to always offer the best product through a search for continuous improvement and innovation. Our engineers are true experts.

Beyond their expertise, they frequently integrate high-tech procedures: robot implantation, installation of high-precision labelling machines, laser markers, 3D vision systems, measuring systems and other new industrial control processes. On request it is also possible to design your machine with ATEX certification.

GH Development quality

Functionality, reliability, aesthetics and performance – these are the terms that reflect our construction philosophy. All our equipment is manufactured in compliance with current safety and hygiene standards.

Therefore, all our products comply with the Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic packaging in addition to the Machinery Directive. They are also clean designed to facilitate cleaning by reducing retention zones.

We also provide valuable assistance to technicians and operators by facilitating their work. As early as the design phase, we think about integrating quick and tool-free format changeover systems called “SMED”, as well as the ergonomics of the workstations and intuitive and reliable adjustments.


Jars, bottles, airless packs, tubes, syringes, make-up boxes, lipsticks, mascaras, glosses, etc. we handle a large number of products, whether simple or complex in shape, made of plastic, glass or metal.

Here is an example of the products packaged by GH Development machines: cosmetic creams, anti-ageing care, gels, lip balms, perfumes and alcoholic lotions, liquid soap, shower gel, tonic lotion, sun oil, exfoliator, face and eye make-up removers, biphasic solutions, syrups, anti-wrinkle creams, serums, nail varnish, lipsticks, lip-gloss, foundations, make-up palettes, eye shadow, mascaras, correctors.