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System for filling vacuum flasks

The filling of vacuum flasks, or so-called airless flasks, is a perfect example of GH Development’s extensive expertise. Generally dedicated to top-of-the-range products, this system offers quality filling using the vacuum method so that there are no air bubbles remaining in the product. As a result, the process limits oxidation and therefore the use of preservatives.
This principle applies particularly well to bottles with a pump or pouch that can be found in certain skin care creams, face creams, anti-ageing serums, make-up remover milk, etc. Just like standard filling machines, we offer all the functions required for filling bottles.

Compact Airless filler

30 products/min
1 to 500ml

High speed vacuum filler

80 products/min
1 to 500ml

Automated Airless and atmospheric multi-purpose line

50 products/min
1 to 500ml


Whether it be for your production capacity or for a machine that meets your personal preferences, a multitude of options are available. For greater performance, opt for automatic management of your products by robotic modules. For increased quality, the addition of a overhead fan system will reduce any risk of foreign bodies in the container. And if you need more style for your machine, our Coloured LED lighting system will make it stand out from the competition.


Liquids of all consistencies

  • Accuracy: +/- 0.1% of volume
  • Quick format changeover without the need for tools (SMED system)
  • Clean-design
  • Simplified product line
  • Enhanced ergonomics